Frequently Asked Questions


How to sign up to Geneva’s triathlon?

The online registration deadline is July 10th 2019. You can register here with secure online payment. On-site registration will cost CHF5 for each race. Registrations will be possible up to 45 minutes before the start of the race in question, subject to availability.

Can I sign up if I do not have a national triathlon Licence?

Yes you can, as we are not a licenced race. However, please ensure that you are insured in case of accident.

A payment problem occurred during my registration

Your registration is accepted but you can’t go back to your payment page? Contact us via email at info-tri(at) with the subject ‘PAYMENT PROBLEM’.

I have a problem with my registration

Contact us via email at info-tri(at) with the subject ‘REGISTRATION PROBLEM’ with attached a screenshot of your screen and a detailed description of your problem.

I did not receive the confirmation of my registration

You can send yourself the confirmation email. To do so, click here, enter all the required information (full name and race) and click on “SEARCH”. Once you have found your personal information section, click on the “RESEND CONFIRMATION EMAIL” icon on the right hand side.

If this still does not work, please contact us via email at info-tri(at) with the following information: full name, date of birth, email address used for registration and a new alternative email address to be used for resending you the confirmation email.

I would like to check/modify my registration

To modify your personal details (full name, date of birth), contact us at info-tri(at) with the subject ‘PERSONAL DETAILS MODIFICATION’.

If you would like to modify another information, you can do so directly on your registration sheet by returning to it using your email address and registration code shared in your registration confirmation.

I would like to cancel or transfer my registration

According to the rules you subscribed to during your registration: “All registration is fixed and permanent. There is no possible reimbursement or third party transfer available.”

Do I have to present a medical certificate?

No, a medical certificate is not mandatory.

I would like to change race

It is possible to change race. To do so, please send us an email with the following information: full name, date of birth, registration code and the race name you would like to take part in. Warning: If the new race you selected is more expensive, you will be asked to pay the difference. If the new race is less expensive, you will not receive a refund of the difference.

How to withdraw my bib?

I have to show an identity card and my bib collection coupon (received a few days before the event by email).


Are limit times imposed?

Discovery: total time limit: 1h30
45 minutes after start of the race (swimming part), participants would not be able anymore to go on the bike route.

Short: total time limit: 2h15
1h30 after start of the race (swimming part), participants would not be able anymore to go on the bike route.

Standard: total time limit: 4h30
3h after start of the race (swimming part), participants would not be able anymore to go on the bike route. Participant who will not be on the bike route at the limit time will be able to race the running part without finishing the bike route. Every participant who have not finished the race in its entirety will not be on the final classification.

Kidsathlon: total time limit: 20 minutes

Junior race 10-11 years old and 12-13 years old: total time limit: 30 minutes

Run & Bike: total time limit: 2h 

How are the races timed?

On the triathlon, you will receive a chip when you pick up your bib. You must wear it on your left ankle during the entire event. The timing-chip acts as a relay baton for the relay teams and has to be transmitted to the following team member during each transition between sports. it In case of loss or non-return of the chip, you will be charged CHF50.-. On the Run&Bike race, you will get a chip on each bib.

For the relays, are the starts at the same time as the others?

Yes, relay starts on all races take place at the same time as other triathletes without distinction between men and women.

How will the departures be organised?

In order to smooth the departures and the influx of swimmers into the basin, the starts will be carried out by wave. Each wave of swimmers corresponds to a bathing cap color without distinction between men and women. Entries in the water will be made from the Bains des Pâquis.

Equipment rental

If you need to buy or rent a bike and/or a wetsuit, please refer to the following shops:


Place de la Gare (Hall Gare CFF, guichet bagages) - 1000 Lausanne
+41 51 224 21 62

22 rue des Grottes - 1201 Genève
+41 78 601 69 57 - info(at)

Place de Montbrillant 17 - 1201 Genève
+41 22 740 13 43 - info(at)



34 avenue de Frontenex - 1207 Genève
+41 22 700 58 38 - contact(at)

SPORTMAX Lausanne’ shop
Av. de Béthusy 1 – 1005 Lausanne
+ 41 21 729 43 49

Nyon’ shop
Rue de la Colombière 6-8 - 1260 Nyon
+ 41 22 361 42 39


What kind of bike is allowed on the race?

Road, city and mountain bikes are allowed. Fixies (bicycles without brakes) and electric bicycles are not allowed.

Is the wetsuit mandatory?

Only if the water temperature is below 15.9 ° C. It is prohibited if the water temperature is higher than 22 ° C.

Is it possible to drop my bike before collecting my bib?

No because the presentation of your bib is mandatory to enter transition and drop your bike. Therefore, you will need to collect your bib before dropping off your bike.

Can I use my walkman or smartphone during the race?

The use of walkman is prohibited. The smartphone can only be used when stopped and only in case of emergency.

Can we walk barefoot from the bike park to the swimming start?

Yes, the walk to the swimming start can be done barefoot on the bitumen. However, it is advisable to wear a light protection (socks, tap, ...). Note that the belongings that will remain at the start will not be repatriated.

Will feed stations be organised on the course during the race?

2 refreshment zones are planned: - 1 liquid refreshment (only water) on the run race - 1 liquid and solid refreshment at the finish of the race. 

Are on-board cameras authorised?

Yes, on-board cameras are allowed but it is forbidden to affix them on the bicycle helmet and it must not constitute a danger for the athlete or the other competitors. In no case can the images be used to dispute a refereeing decision.