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3000 individual victories in a TRIumphant 30th edition !


Over 3000 happy competitors are heading home this Sunday after participating in the La Tour Geneve Triathlon.

From novices to experts, the variety of race formats on offer brought in the crowds, 38% of whom were taking part in their first triathlon. A victim of its own success, the event organisers had to refuse entry to several hundred hopefuls and to close entry to several of the races some weeks before the event.

The excitement was palpable throughout the weekend, not just on the part of the participants but also the public, present in large numbers to encourage the triathletes. The faster the athletes swam, cycled or ran, the louder the cheers from the spectators.

Saturday’s events saw both experienced triathletes and beginners in action.

The Standard/Olympic format (1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run), kicked off proceedings at 8am. 940 triathletes lined up for the start at les Bains des Pâquis. After coming out of the water, they took their bikes for the first of several climbs up the famous montée de l’Impératrice before passing in front of the Palais des Nations and the World Trade Organization. And finally, it was on with the running shoes for the race through the parks along the shores of Lake Geneva.

Guillaume Martin, doing his first triathlon, said «The “Montée de l’Impératrice” was quite a challenge but I was well-prepared. The atmosphere was fantastic and the course was superb. It was a real priviledge to be able to swim in Lake Geneva and to ride on roads closed to traffic. I’ll be back next year to improve my time.»

Delighted with his first place in the Standard race, Théo Lachat said «He had entered at the last minute because he was on the waiting list and had taken the decision on a whim! »

Then 404 novices set off in the Discovery race (250m swim, 8.5km bike, 2.5km run). An ideal format for testing the three disciplines. Kevin and Victoria, from Belgium, decided to enter a few weeks ago so that they could try out the event «We were looking for a challenge to do together. The Discovery format was perfect for our first triathlon! The setting was magnificent and the atmosphere was fantastic from beginning to end. A really great experience which makes you want to do more!»

One of the patrons of the event, Silke Pan, also thoroughly enjoyed the race. At the finish her delighted grin said it all and she too has promised to be back next year.

And the day ended with the most popular format, sold out for several months already: the Short (500m swim, 17km bike, 5km run). At 6pm, the 940 participants in the individual and relay races dived into the water. They also had to tackle the famous montée de l’Impératrice. And then the finish of the run, along the quais du Mont Blanc with the setting sun and the Jet d’eau in the background, created a magical and festive atmosphere – perfect for relaxing and enjoying a victory drink.

For those athletes wanting to share the pleasure and the pain, each race format (Discovery, Short, Standard and Half) was available as a relay. So the swimmers could hand over to the cyclists who could then hand over to the runners.

Everyone a winner – from the smallest to the tallest

On Sunday, with the weather conditions every bit as perfect as the day before, the Bains des Pâquis was the starting point not only for the Juniors but also for the 625 participants in the Half. The Half, a new format as yet unseen in French-speaking Switzerland, was designed to test the most experienced of the triathletes.

They were up very early this morning to be at the Parc de Change, with a start in the cool at 7am, for this toughest of challenges. After the 1.9km swim in the crystal clear waters of Lake Geneva, there was a 90km bike race along the right and left shores of Geneva, not forgetting the quadruple ascent of the Montée de l’impératrice. Finally, a 21.1km run (the equivalent of a half-marathon) awaited our champions – along the lake and through the Geneva parks and alternating sun and shade. The fastest, Thomas Huwiler, would take 03h53m39s to reach the finish.

A first and sizeable challenge for Maria Perret, who had been preparing for months with the valuable support of the Principal Sponsor of the event, La Tour Medical Group: «The race went really, really well. I’m super happy because I crossed the finishing line. My aim was to finish and to enjoy the race and that’s what I did! It’s been a great sporting and personal experience. I hope that the videos will give other people the idea to set themselves a challenge! »

At the same time, the juniors were competing in the aquathlon (swim and run) over distances adapted to their ages. And the very youngest also had their chance at glory, to the delight of their proud parents.

At the finish of the Half, Thomas Huwiler, patron of the event, 4 time champion and overall winner of the race, grinned «At the end of the race I felt really fresh and I had the feeling that I could have gone on and on! Thank-you Geneva for allowing this event to happen in the heart of the city. I will definitely be back in 2020 !»

A word from the organising team

Eric Monnot, President of the Geneva Triathlon Association, said: «We are delighted once again to have held such an exciting event in Geneva. It has become an unmissable date in the triathlon calendar. This edition has been amazing and we look forward to seeing everyone again on 11 and 12 July 2020.»

To finish, Benjamin Chandelier, Event Director, would like to say a few words to all the participants of the weekend : ”It is with pleasure and pride that we bring to a close this record-breaking 30th edition. I would like to congratulate all the participants of this weekend for their performances. In the name of the organising committee, I would also like to thank our Principal Sponsor La Tour Medical Group and all the partners who have supported us. A big thank-you also to the authorities and administrative departments of the town and canton of Geneva and the other towns and villages which the race crosses, for their support and for allowing us to organise the event in such good conditions. And finally, a huge thank-you to all our volunteers for their valuable assistance and without whom this event could not take place.”

Key figures
30th edition
5 race formats over two days
3007 participants
over 600 people on the waiting list
625 participants for the Half and Half relay format
940 participants for the Standard and Standard relay format
404 participants in the Discovery format
940 participants in the Short and Short relay
98 participants in the Junior races
The three best represented clubs: Triathlon Club Genève, Geneva Triathlon, Publier Triathlon
400 volunteers
38% doing their 1st triathlon
30% women and 70% men
Around 70 nationalities represented including: Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Japan, Netherlands, Romania, Senegal
Top 5 nationalities: Swwitzerland, France, Spain, United Kingdom and Italy
Top 3 cantons: Geneva, Vaud and Fribourg
Youngest participant: 6 years old
Oldest participant: 69 years old
Average age: 36 years old


Standard Women
1. Schär Cathia (CH) - 02:22:16
2. Antille Marine (CH) - 02:22:39
3. Romanens Christelle (CH) - 02:25:14

Standard Men
1. Lachat Théo (FR) - 02:03:23
2. Hug Tom (CH) - 02:04:27
3. Rebouillat Josep - 02:07:41

Standard Relay
1. Tri Club GE - ASJ74 - 02:06:19
2. Les 3 Darons - 02:11:05
3. Cilexime - 02:12:46

Discovery Women
1. Latil Marion(FR) - 00:34:04
2. Kilbert Helene - 00:38:04
3. Gisiger Aline (CH) - 00:38:24

Discovery Men
1. Monney Sylvain (CH) - 00:32:35
2. Steiger Vincent (CH) - 00:32:59
3. Rod Jeremi (CH) - 00:33:03

Discovery Relay
1. Teampillus - 00:35:12
2. Brett’Otto - 00:36:59
3. La Nasa - 00:41:21

Short Women
1. Marchal Lea (FR) - 01:02:29
2. Nussberger Fanny (CH) - 01:03:42
3. Vaucher Chloé (CH) - 01:05:05

Short Men
1. Nuber Yoann (CH) - 00:53:54
2. Matthew James (UK) - 00:56:51
3. Grnetter Andreas (CH) - 00:57:01

Short Relay
1. TriathlonClubValais - 00:55:42
2. KevCharlesJL - 00:57:15
3. DanJimFlo - 01:02:39

Half Women
1. Kleiner Fanny (CH) – 04 :43 :04
2. Lacroix Marielle (ALL) – 04 :47 :33
3. Ecuyer Maud (CH) – 04 :49 :59

Half Men
1. Huwiler Thomas (CH) – 03 :53 :39
2. Schröder-Groeneveld Leif (ALL) – 04 :08 :34
3. Baud Jérôme (FR) – 04 :15 :15

Half Relay
1. Lazy Boys Tri Club – 04 :11 :36
2. Co et Cie – 04 :15 :34
3. Harmony Fitness – 04 :18 :18

Kidsathlon 6 - 9 Girls
1. Wild Keira - 00:04:02
2. Cardoso Lola - 00:04:20
3. Berthet Alicia - 00:04:23

Kidsathlon 6 - 9 Boys
1. Yvon Solal - 00:04:05
2. Vidberg Aloys - 00:04:19
3. Bachar MIchael - 00:04:21

Ecoliers 10 - 11 Girls
1. Richard Loane - 00:06:41
2. Pariolleau Eliza-Jeanne 00:06:46
3. Labare Jeanne-Cerise 00:07:16

Ecoliers 10 - 11 Boys
1. Gumy Naël - 00:06:15
2. Funosas Benito - 00:06:25
3. Rossini Simon - 00:06:33

Ecoliers 12 - 13 Girls
1. Gorka Amélie - 09:09:32
2. Niewiadomski Sophie - 09:10:56
3. Fernandez Andrea - 09:11:01

Ecoliers 12 - 13 Boys
1. Vacca Francesco - 09:09:42
2. Garnier Corentin - 09:10:07
3. Dmitrevski Anton - 09:10:36

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