Run & Bike


13km of Run & Bike


Run & Bike


Take part in our brand new race, the Run and Bike, on Saturday evening. Teams of two will cover a 13km course and share a bike between them. Teammates must take turns running and biking, but stay near each other at all times and cross the finish line together.

This is a perfect opportunity to try out a new sport with your friends, colleagues, significant other or club mates. Don’t miss out!

The race is open to all, licensed or non-licensed athletes, who are at least 14 years old on race day and form a team with an adult. Two underage children who are both at least 16 years old on race day can compete in the same team. A parental permission is mandatory for underage children (example available here).

Maximum duration: 2h
Positive ascent: 220m

Both team members, runner and cyclist, must wear a helmet for the duration of the race.

Find the full set of Official Rules and Regulations here.

Triathlete's guide

The 2018 Triathlete's guide is available here.