Swim - 1.5km

Bike - 40km

Run - 10km


Standard Men / Women/ Relay (Men, Women, Mixed)

Race in the heart of downtown Geneva! Swim 1.5km in the Lake Geneva, bike 40km along the shores of the lake, including the infamous climb of the Chemin de l’Impératice and finish with a 10km run in the heart of the city.

The race is open to all, licensed or non-licensed athletes, who are at least 18 years old on race day.

Maximum duration: 4h30

Positive ascent: 0m / 550m / 75m

Find the full set of Official Rules and Regulations here.

The Standard race is open to relay teams. Two or three team members, three sports, one race. Take part with your training partners, friends, colleagues or family to complete your first Triathlon as a team.

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