Volunteer registrations are open!

Volunteers play an essential role in the organisation of a sport event and are the ambassadors of an event to participants and the public.

On July 14 & 15th, we need you once more to help make the La Tour Geneva Triathlon 2018 a great success and to help everyone, from the youngest to the confirmed triathletes, live a unique experience.

Do you want to be part of this sporting adventure and make this event unforgettable?

Join us now! 

The volunteers guide is available here.

Manage the transition zone
- Manage the entry and exit flows of the park
- Control the equipment of participants at the park entrance

Arrival staff
- Collect timing chips from the participants after the finish line
- Give medals to participants

Refreshment points
- Set up the refreshment point (tables, equipment and bins)
- Distribute fruits, energy gels and drinks
- Clean up the area after the race

Welcoming & Information
- Welcome and guide participants and the public at the info point
- Give the welcome kit to volunteers and help in the lounge

Bib and gift collection
- Give athletes their bib and athlete pack and gifts

Mobile team
- Ride a bike to the necessary locations to fill in for others where there is a lack of volunteers

Logistics team
- Help to install signs and equipment on the courses
- Set up the Triathlon village